Techni Masters

We are specialised in making available all sorts of technical staff, work preparers, …

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Outsourcing technical profiles

You want to concentrate on your products rather than
your plant and machinery? No problem, Techni Masters
will look after it.

Specialists in all fields

  • Our extensive workforce includes:
  • All-round technicians.
  • Fault management technicians.
  • Facility technicians.
  • M&R technicians.
  • Work preparers.


  • Careful monitoring of our technical staff.
  • Well-trained personnel.
  • We have a customised solution to each problem.

Why our clients choose Techni Masters

Technical maintenance of machines and installations, preventive and curative maintenance, fault management, … With pleasure, we will take production environment care off your hands. While you are focussing on your products, we will ensure that your production process runs smoothly.

Given the extensive range of skills in our large workforce, we can focus on the competencies you need. We listen to you and we ensure the job is entrusted to the right man or woman, not only based on technical considerations, but also with human interaction in mind.

We provide technical support as well as a range of other services all over Belgium.

“While you concentrate on your products, we assure that your production process runs smoothly. "

Tom De Mol

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