A young, dynamic and especially innovative temp agency. Our innovating approach increases your chances to find a suitable job.

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Recruitment and selection

Are you looking for the job of your life? Recrewtment’s enthusiastic staff are ready to advise and assist you.

Customised service

  • Every person is different. Our approach is tailored to your needs and wishes. Our motto is: “HR for people, by people”.
  • No-nonsense approach yielding maximum results.


  • We assess candidates with our own tests.
  • The renewed website eases your searches.
  • Always looking for innovation to serve you even better.

Strong crew

  • Long-standing experience in the temp business.
  • Intensive automation gives our staff more time to assist you
  • Continuous training.

Why our clients choose Recrewtment

Recrewtment is a young company growing at an impressive pace. From the early days in 2015, with a single office located in Antwerp’s Jan Van Gentstraat, Andreas Pfeffer’s team has been expanding by leaps and bounds. Beside the general services, the main office has been specialising in ‘Customer Excellence’. We also have specialised branch offices close to Brussels Airport (Recrewtment Airport) and the Port of Antwerp (Recrewtment Maritime & Technics, as well as in-house offices with the Multi Masters Group in Merksem and Brussels. This specialisation process boosts your chances to find suitable employment.

Recrewtment also offers corporate HR solutions and a social bureau for artists (De Crew).

“We like to work with and for people, always striving for perfection in the provision of services."

Andreas Pfeffer

Contact Andreas and his colleagues for additional information or to arrange a meeting.

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