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Mobility Masters looks forward to cleaning Brussels Airlines’ new long-haul fleet

mobilitymasters | 29-03-2019

The renewal of Brussels Airlines’ long-haul fleet is ongoing, with direct consequences for Mobility Masters, the Multi Masters Group division cleaning the aircraft of Belgium’s national airline.

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Mobility Masters congratulates the Brussels Airport Aviation Award winners

mobilitymasters | 15-03-2019

At the annual Brussels Airport Aviation Awards ceremony, several Mobility Masters clients have received awards. We want to use this opportunity to congratulate them warmly.

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Take a look at our ‘CSR report 2017’

multi-masters-group | 04-05-2018

Corporate Social Responsibility is a common thread through all our activities, both at Multi Masters Group and at our mother company Samsic. This is reflected in our 4 axes and 12 engagements. Click on the link below to take a look at Samsic’s CSR report 2017.

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Hygi Masters innovates: the mousetrap calls you when there is a catch

hygimasters | 01-03-2018

Pests are a real headache. You do not have the time nor the desire to check whether one of your traps has caught a rat or a mouse. Hygi Masters offers the perfect solution: the mouse or rat trap fitted with the sensor technology of the brand Xignal. Has a rat or a mouse been caught? The trap will let you know by sending a message to your smartphone or computer.

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