Mobility Masters

A young, energetic company specialised in the cleaning of all kinds of vehicles. Aircraft, trains, busses, trams, etc. We will look after it.

Do feel free to get in touch for any additional information.

Cleaning of trains, trams and busses

Mobility Masters shows its true mettle in situations requiring high flexibility. We have the personnel, the knowhow and the experience to meet your requirements.


  • Reachable 24/7.
  • All kinds of cleanings: superficial to
    deep cleaning.
  • Well-coached personnel.


  • Quality is monitored through QMS inspections (specific for each vehicle).
  • Well-trained personnel.
  • Experience gained in both small and vast projects.

Customised approach

  • A specific approach for each type of vehicle.
  • A client-specific approach.
  • Ready solutions.
  • Clear communication.

Why our clients choose Mobility Masters

Mobility Masters cleans trains all over Flanders. Our well-trained personnel carry out 400,000 interventions annually, from fast, superficial cleaning to intensive in-depth cleaning, both passenger cars and control cabins. Additionally we remove 3,000 m² of graffiti each month.

All the above demands great flexibility from our people, who receive intensive coaching. We monitor the quality of our work by means of our QMS system geared to each type of vehicle. Through our Multi Desk you can monitor our work very closely.

If you so desire, you can entrust us with many other services anywhere in Belgium.

“Our personnel works 24/7 so your clients travel in the most comfortable circumstances.”

Luk Hermans

Contact Luk and his colleagues for additional information or to arrange a meeting.

+32 3 644 55 55 or