Hygi Masters

All over Belgium we are ready to deliver, install and maintain all types of dispensers, hygiene containers, safeseats, hand-dryers, …

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Delivery, installation and maintenance of
sanitary devices and accessories

With a broad range of sanitary devices and accessories, Hygi Masters will make everybody feel comfortable in your restrooms.


  • We only offer devices meeting our quality requirements.
  • Our range also includes items for industrial environments.
  • We follow the newest trends (e.g. no-touch dispensers).


  • Our approach is based on your wishes.
  • Wide range of devices and products.
  • Solutions matching every interior design (various colours available).

Why our clients choose Hygi Masters

There is a place in your building visited by everybody, including your employees and clients, at some time or other: the restroom. This room should be more than a place where people briefly stop to respond to nature’s call. With its vast range of soap, towel and toilet paper dispensers, hygiene containers, ladycare dispensers, toilet seat cleaners, air fresheners, sanitizers, hand-dryers and garbage cans, Hygi Masters will help you along, anywhere in Belgium. We deliver, install and maintain the devices and we obviously supply the consumables.

You can also count on us for building care, pest control and the collection of deceased pets.

“We ensure that everybody feels comfortable in your restroom.”

Patrick Houtmeyers

Contact Patrick and his colleagues for additional information or to arrange a meeting.

0498 93 93 93 or info@hygimasters.be