Hygi Masters

Our specialised service collects deceased pets and companion animals on your premises. We offer individual cremations as well as a broad range of urns and personal memorabilia.

Do feel free to get in touch for any additional information.

Collecting deceased pets and companion animals

The death of a pet or a companion animal is always a difficult moment. Hygi Masters will advise and assist you in making sure that your pet or companion animal will receive a decent farewell tribute.

Hygiene and safety

  • Approved by the Openbare Vlaamse Afvalstoffenmaatschappij (OVAM) (the Flemish waste processing and pollution prevention regulator).
  • Approved by the Federaal Agentschap voor de Veiligheid van de Voedselketen (FAVV) (Belgian federal agency for food chain safety).


  • Reachable 24/7 at # 0498 93 93 93.
  • If you call before 3 p.m., collection will take place on the same day.
  • Individual cremation.
  • A broad range of urns and personal memorabilia.


  • A decent and dignified farewell tribute to your pet.
  • Well-trained, experienced personnel.
  • Everything is done in consultation with the client.

Why our clients choose Hygi Masters

Sooner or later we all suffer the loss of a pet or a companion animal. What should we do with it as a private citizen, a vet or a government department? Burial is subject to strict rules and many local authorities even ban the practice. Hygi Masters provides the solution. We collect the deceased pet or companion animal on your premises. For the time being this service is restricted to the province of Antwerp.

Safety and hygiene are core operating principles. Our personnel receive extensive training and they operate in accordance with OVAM and FAVV directives.

You can count on Hygi Masters anywhere in Belgium for pest control, sanitary devices and building maintenance.

“If you call our number 0498 93 93 93 before
3 p.m. we will come to you the very same day.”

Patrick Houtmeyers

Contact Patrick and his colleagues for additional information or to arrange a meeting.

0498 93 93 93 or info@hygimasters.be