Green Masters

You have made a firm choice for sustainable green maintenance, i.e. creating an environment meeting your needs as well as those of animals and plants? If so,
Green Masters is your partner.

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Sustainable green maintenance (biodiversity)

Being an environmentally-friendly business you go for an alternative management of your green spaces. Alternative weeding, suitable pruning and mowing management, etc. We will look after it.


  • Creating a habitat for various plants and animals.
  • Alternative weed control.
  • Environment-friendly cars (CNG) and machines (battery, Motomix).


  • Personnel and visitor safety (ours and especially yours) is a core concern.
  • VCA*-certification.
  • All our workers followed a VCA training.


  • A long-term management plan.
  • Frequent quality inspections.
  • A long-term cost reduction.
  • Smooth and clear communication through Multi Desk.

Why our clients choose Green Masters

Do you care for the environment? Would you like to go for a greener image? If so, Green Masters’ site management is what you are looking for. Indeed, as our very name suggests, green maintenance is part of our DNA. By means of a long-term management plan – fully devised in consultation with you – we turn your grounds into a paradise where humans, animals and plants live side by side in ideal conditions. Would your clients like to receive a small pot of honey produced on site as a gift?

Green Masters moreover has specialists dealing with conventional green maintenance, parking maintenance and providing winter services.

“Business leaders increasingly realise that an environment-friendly approach is crucial.”

Dimitri Halleux

Contact Dimitri and his colleagues for additional information or to arrange a meeting.

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