Construct Masters

Welders, pipe fitters, flange fitters, and many other qualified specialists are available in Construct Masters’ large workforce.

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Welding and construction

Construct Masters is your ideal partner for maintenance and repair work, but also for project-related engineering and new construction.


  • High flexibility (24/7).
  • On your premises or in our own Stekene workshop.
  • Production line maintenance and repairs, production stop planning and assistance, …


  • EN 1090.
  • Qualified employees.
  • Long-standing experience in the petrochemical industry, but also in metal processing and the food industry.


  • Personnel and visitor safety (ours and especially yours) is a core concern.
  • VCA P-certification.
  • All our technicians followed a VCA training.

Why our clients choose Construct Masters

Assembling and disassembling pumps and valves, project engineering, machine maintenance, welding and construction work are all very much specialist activities. You do not always have the right specialist among your staff. Construct Masters does. Our workforce includes an impressive 87 technical profiles, from certified welders (MIG, TIG, …) and pipe fitters to flange fitters. Additionally we can also count on the services of specialists in the field of shut-down planning and execution.

Do you require more than just maintenance? Are you about to embark on a totally new project? No problem. We have the knowhow to execute the process comprehensively. We deliver quality and on your end this often means cost savings.

We closely cooperate with our colleagues from Techni Masters.

“Year in, year out, we invest a lot in training, much more actually than legal requirements. "

Philip Paelinck

Contact Philip and his colleagues for additional information or to arrange a meeting.

+32 3 644 55 55 or