Cleaning Masters

Among the top 5 players in the Belgian cleaning industry for more than 25 years. Our aim is nothing less than providing you, day in, day out, with the quality you want.

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Window cleaning

The windows of your building must shine, everyone agrees about that. But it’s not always that simple. No problem, our window cleaners will look after it.




  • Personnel and visitor safety (ours and especially yours) is a core concern.
  • VCA P-certification.
  • All our window cleaners followed a
    VCA training.

Check the Policy Statement and the Environmental Policy Statement of Cleaning Masters.

Why our clients choose Cleaning Masters

Cleaning Masters takes the time to listen to your wishes. Having learned your expectations, we propose a customised approach with a permanent focus on quality, safety and sustainability. Do contact us to discover how we can be of assistance to you.

Ensuring a clear communication is a precondition for establishing a successful, long-term cooperation. With this in mind we say what we do and we also do what we say.

Cleaning Masters has branches all over the country. We are therefore always close to you. The cleaning team sent to you is always well-trained, which generates stability and trust. If you so desire, you can entrust us with many other services.

“Safety and sustainability are at the heart of our approach. And quality of course, because we can only be satisfied if you are happy.”

Els Van Loon

Contact Els and her colleagues for additional information or to make an appointment.

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