Catering Masters

Serving a delicious meal in pleasant surroundings or even organising your event from start to finish, Catering Masters will look after it.

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What can we do for you?


Are you looking for a partner to operate your company restaurant? Catering Masters is a professional catering company with vast knowhow and contagious drive.


  • Long-standing experience.
  • Well-trained personnel (e.g. HACCP).
  • Rewarded with a smiley from the FAVV.
  • Frequent internal and external quality inspections.

A varied menu

  • Your wishes are centre-stage.
  • Warm and/or cold.
  • From very traditional fare to exotic meals.
  • We take into account allergies and preferences.

A comprehensive offer

  • Our own extensive workforce.
  • We also provide related services: meeting room catering, ordering sandwiches with an online tool, restaurant decoration, ...

Why our clients choose Catering Masters

The importance of the company restaurant is obvious. Catering Masters wants to help you turn it into a place people like to come to. Not only because it is a nice meeting place, but also because the food served is delicious and healthy.

The 4 core values of Catering Masters meals are therefore: healthy and balanced, delicious, nicely presented , in a pleasant environment. We achieve these standards by using well-trained personnel, and through close monitoring of product quality and freshness as well as painstaking supplier, infrastructure and method supervision.

Catering Masters is also specialised in event organisation.

“We attend to your desires with creativity, quality and flexibility.”

Mark Kohlberger

Contact Mark and his colleagues for additional information or to arrange a meeting.

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