About MM-Group

The Multi Masters Group has grown out of the cleaning company Cleaning Masters and is part of the French group Samsic. On this page you can find more information on who we are and what we do.

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Mission statement

"By offering a wide range of services, we enable companies and organizations
all over Belgium to focus on their mission."



About MM-Group

Cleaning Masters

Multi Masters Group is a relatively new name in the facility services industry. Our group rests on the robust foundations of the cleaning company Cleaning Masters, set up in 1988 by Paul de Schutter. Our company does therefore harbour much knowhow and experience.


Cleaning Masters’ growth in the nineties of last century was spectacular. Before long the company claimed a permanent place among the top five players of the Belgian cleaning industry. This growth did not go unnoticed abroad and in 2004 our company joined the French group Samsic, one of the main players on the European market. At the same time Nicolas de Schutter succeeded to his father Paul as CEO of our company.


In the course of the years Cleaning Masters has been increasingly asked by clients to do more than cleaning. Our company has recruited specialists in various fields, including green maintenance, catering, technical maintenance of buildings, welding and construction, pest control, temp work, which has transformed it gradually into a multidisciplinary company.

Multi Masters Group

As the name ‘Cleaning Masters’ no longer covered the range of our operations, we decided to introduce a new structure in 2014. Multi Masters Group is the new umbrella organisation, numbering about ten companies, including Cleaning Masters, each operating within their own line of business and with their own specialists. The professional organisation thus created enables us to offer a broad range of services to you and our other clients.

Quality, safety and environment

Quality, safety and the environment are key words in the services provided by the Multi Masters Group. To serve you in the best possible way and implement our motto ‘We will look after it’ day after day, we have summarized our company values in 4 pillars and 12 commitments:

Innovative and transparent service

  • Listen to clients, expertise, innovation
  • Transparent evaluation of our services
  • Build sustainable partnership based on our values


  • Promotion of equal opportunities employment and diversity
  • Educate and develop our talents
  • Focus on health and safety of our staff
  • Attention for wellbeing at work (motivation)


  • Stimulate the use of environment-friendly products and processes
  • Reduce ecological footprint
  • Reduce energy consumption, waste recycling

Social and cultural development

  • Take action to stimulate solidarity
  • Contribute to local economic and cultural development